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So what happened ? Well I called this guy that I met at a club and invited him over to my pad. When we first met in the club I made a pass at him but he turned me down flat. Said ‘oh sorry but I’m straight’, ‘yeah’, I thought and stared down at his cock which was almost bursting out of his pants. Then the thought came to me ‘hey this guy’s gotta be a virgin and it was my turn to get a raging hard on. Anyway he came over to my place and after making him something to eat and getting him to quickly down a couple of drinks I started a little horseplay – nothing too rough but wow did he respond to that ! So I pulled him across my lap and gave him a few gentle slaps on the ass and immediately felt him starting to rub himself up against me. I turned him over rather roughly and rammed my hand down inside his pants and squeezed hard on his cock which was rock hard. Then I helped him out of his clothes and gently sucked on his cock until he was near to cumming. ‘Be right back’ I said as I hurried into my bedroom to get a paddle that was next to my bed. He looked worried when he first saw it but was still under the influence of my blow-job (which is why I did it) and didn’t complain too much when I started to paddle him. Anyway we both got really turned on and after getting him to bend over so that I could check out his red ass I finally got to penetrate his virgin ass. Next time he comes by, which is gonna be real soon I’m sure, I’m going to introduce him to a few of my other toys and see how he enjoys them! Judging by what I saw today, this boy and I are in for a real lot of fun !

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